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Join Bentley product executives from our Project Delivery, Digital Cities, Design Integration, and Asset and Network Performance teams as they present the latest advancements in Bentley applications and cloud services.

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Live Events
  • ACCELERATE Keynote - Asset and Network Performance

    Organizations in asset-intensive industries are struggling to reduce operational costs, de-risk, and optimize major decisions. Accelerating the pace of digital advancement is the solution. Join Alan Kiraly and his leadership team to discover how Bentley enables organizations to think big,...

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  • ACCELERATE Keynote - Design Integration

    Join Ken Adamson and Bentley’s design integration leadership team as they investigate how infrastructure companies are leveraging digital twins to add value to their operations. Learn how to use Bentley's comprehensive and unique open modeling and open simulation applications to...

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  • ACCELERATE Keynote - Digital Cities

    Join Robert Mankowski and Bentley’s digital cities leadership team as they discuss the latest digital twin technology advancements for increasing the sustainability, resiliency, and quality of life within campuses, cities, and regions. Learn how the capabilities and innovations of Bentley’s...

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  • ACCELERATE Keynote - Project Delivery

    Join Dustin Parkman as he discusses how Bentley’s open and connected digital twin solutions enable you to improve decision-making and optimize business outcomes. These solutions help you quantify and qualify change, while, at the same time, identify unforeseen risks and...

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